Sexual Health Gurus

Sexual Health Gurus


We're Minus18 Crew with a keen interest in sex and sexual health. You'll find us at Minus18 events, workshops and online.

To make sure we can help you out with any problems, we’ve had training about sexual health and continue to work together with places like the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre to stay up to date.

Plus, we will continue to post videos right here with up to date sexual health information. We’re not parents or doctors, we’re just a friend you can talk to about sex.

Sexual Health is something everyone needs to be aware of - and unfortunately being young doesn't make you immune to Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs).

Find out more about the people the Sex Gurus work with:

Cyndi Darnell is the guru to the Sex Gurus, and she's a Sex Therapist, Counsellor & Educator.

Check her out here www.cyndidarnell.com