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Social Events & Workshops

Minus18 Social Events happen every 2-3 weeks, usually on a weekend around the inner Melbourne Area. Social events give you a chance to hangout and spend time with other same sex attracted and gender diverse young people. Usually between 10 and 40 people come to social events, so they're definitely more relaxed than Minus18 Dance Events.

If you're feeling a bit intimidated about coming to a Minus18 event, remember that you can always check out past events on our Facebook, chat to other people, and get to know them before you come along!


Who can come

Our Social events are for anyone under the age of 21 - but we're pretty chilled, so if you have a friend who wants to come hang out, then by all means, bring them along. Minus18 events aren't just for gay youth, which means you can always bring a supportive friend along.




What're they like?

Social Events are all different, and sometimes totally random. Past events have been things like Scavenger Hunts, Pizza Nights, Movie arvos, BBQs, Rock Climbing, etc.

Getting there

We run Social Events around the inner Melbourne area to try and make it easy for everyone. We'll usually advertise a meeting point (sometimes a station) where everyone meets, and we can go to the event together.

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