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Underage Dance Events

Minus18 Dance Events happen every school holidays (and sometimes twice during the summer if you're extra lucky!). Dance Events are literally-the-best-thing-ever. Imagine a room full of 500 other same sex attracted and gender diverse young people! Mind blown! Underage Dance Events are actually an amazing chance to meet other people, let your hair down, and just have fun.

Sometimes it might seem daunting coming along to an event, especially if you're coming alone. Fear not though! We put in a heck-ton of effort to make sure everyone feels comfortable - and the thing is, you're not alone. Every single other person in the room is in the same boat as you.


Who can come

Our underage events are for anyone who meets the age limit (sometimes U/18, sometimes U/21). Minus18 events aren't just for gay youth, which means you can always bring a supportive friend along.




What's It like?

A crap-ton-of-fun. Music varies between DJs, Pop, dance, electro beats. Live bands, performers, singers and dancers. A lot of the time we have chillout rooms, with acoustic music for something a bit more relaxed. We try hard to make sure there's something that fits everyone's taste.

Getting there

Navigating the city can be a bit tough, especially if you're catching VLine. The Minus18 Crew meet everyone at the station 1 hour before Dance Events start. It takes some of the stress out of getting there :) See the event page for more info.

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