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Being Non-Binary on Facebook

— By 25 October 2013

Being non-binary on the internet sucks. And the worst is Facebook.

You, like me, probably don't go a day without checking it. As soon as you sign up, your asked to choose between Male and Female, so they can assign pronouns to your activities.

The problem is not everyone identifies and male or female, some people don't identify with traditional binary gender. Binary literally means something that has only two types, so for gender diverse people, Facebook can leave you out in the cold.

Even if you do hide your Facebook gender from your profile, it still says "Larry changed his profile picture" etc.

It does seem like you can't get away from it, but with the power of magic, I can teach you how to change 'his' and 'her' into the neutral pronoun: 'their'!

It looks and sounds a bit techy, but it's actually really easy! Follow along with the instructions below and you'll have gender neutral pronouns on your profile in no time.

To get started you'll need the right browser. Chrome and Safari are the easiest browsers for it, they have code viewing tools built in. In Safari you'll have to turn on Developer’s Option by going to Preferences>Advanced>Show Develop menu in menu bar. If you use Firefox you'll need a plugin called Firebug.

Normally your profile will look a bit like this:



Even with your gender set to 'hidden' from your profile (setting found in "Edit Profile") Facebook will still use gendered pronouns.

1. Remain logged in to Facebook, and open this link in a new tab. It will direct you to the old mobile layout of Facebook, where you change your gender.



2. Right Click on the selected circle and choose Inspect Element, or Inspect with Firebug.


This will open the coding at the bottom of the page, directly at the element's line:


3. Right Click on the line of code and select 'Edit as HTML' or 'Edit HTML'


Copy the line of code:

<input type="radio" name="new_info" value="1" on click="" checked="1">

and paste it right after itself. The change the <value "1"> to <value "0"> so that it reads:


<input type="radio" name="new_info" value="0" on click="" checked="1">



OR if doing it from Male, change <value "2"> to <value "0">


A second circle will appear next to the gender like this:

4. Close the element inspector and click Save (do not select a select a different circle) and your activities on Facebook should appear as "their"

HOORAY! Using Facebook becomes a lot calmer and pleasant, with no explicit fanfare about you changing it. Enjoy!