Are you the next superstar of Minus18?

— By 02 October 2017

Are you our next star?

Can you sing, dance, act, juggle, contortion, tumble around on the ground in a fun fashion?

We're on the look out for youth performers for our next queer youth events!
All you have to do is fill out this cute form and you could be the next Minus18 Superstar!
Selected performers could be strutting their stuff at some (OR ALL!) of the below parties!
- Minus18 Turns 18! - Friday 1st December 2017
- Minus18 Summer Dance Party - Tuesday 19th December 2017
- Midsumma Carnival Youth Stage - Sunday 14th January 2018
- Midsumma Youth Showcase - Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Don't forget to attach some cool vids of you showing us your performer skills!
Successful peeps will be notified by the end of this sparkly year!
Haven't heard back from us yet? Never fear, will be keeping everyone on file (unless you would prefer we didn't) and will get in touch if another suitable event comes up for you!