More Positions on Crew

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27 February 2017

Hi wonderful people!

Although applications to our volunteer crew has closed, Minus18 has set aside 5 places specifically to be filled by Queer, Transgender and Intersex People of Colour! Minus18's lack of QTIPoC representation has been flagged both internally and externally. One way we are working to prioritise People of Colour (PoC) is by setting aside these places on crew. We want to work with individuals and community to make Minus18 a safe and inclusive space for PoC.

If you or someone you know are a Person of Colour and would like to be involved creating awesome events, writing inspiring articles, educating community through workshops, or making great videos and graphic design, get in touch and apply here with us!

‘People of Colour’ might be a new term to some people. It refers to heaps of different communities and identities. Here are some of our crew talking about being PoC:

“Being aboriginal and identifying as transgender makes me proud as I see myself showing everyone in my mob and the European community that there is indigenous trans persons out there in our country. Being the first person that we know of out in my aboriginal family as trans and gay, meant that I can finally be proud of myself, educate our future generations, and give advice to my elders as the term "LGBTIQ+" wasn't out back in their day. Also it means showing everyone that we are valid, people of colour can identity as LGBTIQ+. As you can probably see, I love educating others on gender diversity :)” – Travis

“My name is Asiel, I’m a Mexican, non-binary doctor and writer. I identify as a queer person of colours because my Mexican heritage is just as important to me as my gender and sexuality. Growing up in Mexico, the US and Australia made me realise people of colour have different lived experiences; experiences of racism, prejudice and growing up in a culture that is different from your own. To me, being a queer person of colour means having pride in Mexico and connecting with other PoC in celebrating our different backgrounds, heritage and traditions.”

“Hey, so my name is Josh and I identify as a person of colour from a Maori background. Growing up around the Maori culture on my father's side, I learnt to appreciate my heritage without it impacting on who I am as an individual. I still hold pride of my culture, and pride in myself.”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Frankie Taylor at frankie@minus18.org.au