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Oxford Dictionary adds Gender Neutral Titles

— By 06 May 2015

As of this week, a new title 'Mx' has been put under consideration to be added in the Oxford english Dictionary! 

Mx, and not the one you’ll find at Flinders Street station, is a title used in place of Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr or other titles by a growing number of trans people. 

If successful, it's not just a win for the trans community, but benefits anyone who wants to avoid a title that tells the world about their marital status or level of education.

While an increasing number of businesses and organisations have listed Mx as a title option on their documents, it hasn’t really been that widespread, so having Oxford adopt it today is a really cool step forward for wider adoption. That means the term is not only being recognised as being in common use, but is officially being acknowledged as part of the English language.

An increasing number of languages have been working to include more gender neutral options in titles and pronouns and non-binary identities become more widely recognised. It’s fantastic to see these identities being acknowledged by more pathways. While not all responses have been positive, with critiques from some that it's an attempt at "political correctness", it’s a step forward all the same that many are glad for.

If successfully added the term will continue to gain popularity to help people feel better represented that can come with even the simplest parts of filling in forms, and see more steps to include trans identities! Nothing would make me happier than to finally have my mail addressed to Mx Michael McLeish!