Terms of Use

To make sure Minus18 continues being an awesome space, we got ourselves some rules. Take a look at them, and try to follow them.

• The Code of Conduct applies to all activities and areas on Minus18, including forums, the personal messaging system and member profiles.
• Please keep in mind that use of the site is a privilege and not a right. Minus18 reserves the right to revoke privileges and member access at any time.
• Privacy and security are of the utmost importance. Never post personal information to the public forums. This includes your full name, your phone number, or your home address.
• Members should treat each other with respect and refrain from personal attacks, even in the case of heated arguments or disagreements.
• Conduct yourself with respect to others. Always keep in mind the "Golden Rule": Treat others the way you would like to be treated. By doing so, you will have a more rewarding experience.
• Keep in mind that some forum sections, games, contests and events may have additional guidelines that govern your use.
• Be sure to reread this document from time to time as it may change. You are always responsible for ensuring that your activities conform with these rules.

Member Conduct

1. Age Limits:
Minus18 forums are not to be used by anyone who is not eligible to attend our events. Anyone over the age of 25 is not permitted to utilise the forums without direct permission from Minus18, or unless you are an approved Youth Worker.

2. Reporting Content:

If a thread or post violates this Code of Conduct, use the “Report to Moderator” button to bring it to the attention of the moderators, who will review the reported content and act accordingly.
- Do not attempt to 'self-moderate' or present oneself as a moderator. No user, no matter how long they have been part of Minus18, has the authority to request that threads be locked, users leave, etc. It is unacceptable for any user to make any other user feel unwelcome.

3. Hate Speech:

Do not use language that sounds like, stands for, hints at, abbreviates, or insinuates hate speech (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs) or illegal activities.

4. Harassment/Abuse:

Do not insult, harass, threaten, stalk, spam, or otherwise abuse other users.

5. Flame Wars:

Do not 'bait' other users to incite an argument, or respond to a disagreement with an attack. In the event of an attack or unacceptable post, report the post to a moderator and allow the moderators to take the appropriate action.

6. Posting to the Forums, in Personal Messages or in Profiles/Blogs:

• Erotic Content Is Not Allowed: Do not post or link to erotic discussions, pictures, movies, or stories in public forums, personal profiles or in the personal messaging system.
• Do not post links or information about websites intended for people aged 18+. Remember this forum is primarily for teenagers.
• Do not request such materials or information from others.

7. Usernames:

• Do not create a username that is intended to aggravate or incite other members.
• Usernames should not reference controversial religious topics, notorious people or organisations, or current or historical events that may be considered inflammatory or inappropriate.
• Minus18 reserves the right to change any username that is deemed inappropriate for any reason. If you are in doubt about your username, please ask a Moderator first.

8. External Links:

• Do not post links to websites or request links to websites that violate our Code of Conduct.
• Do not link to content on websites or any internet site other than Minus18 (e.g. hotlinking) without that site owner's permission.
• Do not post links to websites or request links to websites that violate our Code of Conduct.
• Do not post links to websites that contain materials that might harm or take control of another user's computer, such as viruses or trojans.

8. Flooding:

• Avoid excessive shouting (use of all-caps) or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text).
• Do not deface the board with multiple posts containing the same or similar messages. Please try to use the threads which have already been started by others.
• Do not post meaningless messages for the sole purpose of increasing your post count.

9. Spam:

• Do not engage in the spamming of commercial websites. (This does not apply to members posting links to their favourite sites, etc. We know spam when we see it.)
• Do not use the message boards or personal message system for any commercial purpose without the express consent of Minus18. This includes soliciting respondents or posting questionnaires for research or media purposes.

10. Security - User Accounts:

• Do not trade passwords or share user accounts.
• You may only create one account for yourself as an individual.
• You may not create an account for your corporation or other business entity.
• If your account is banned you may not create another one to circumvent the ban.
• Each person should post only under their own account. Do not give anyone your account user name and password. Do not use the account of another user.
• Do not impersonate or harass Minus18 committee, volunteers, or moderators.
• It is illegal to lie about your identity online. Creating an account using fake or untrue information is against the terms of use.
• Do not impersonate another member or screen name (including "faking" a screen name by using similar-looking text characters).
• Do not post your physical address or your phone number in the forums or in your profile. If you wish to share this information with a particular member, please use the personal message system.

11. Security - User Privacy:

• Do not post personal information in the forum. This is to protect your privacy.
• Protect the privacy of others. You should never share the personal information of another Minus18 member. Always consider the privacy of others when posting pictures of other people in your profile.
• Make sure you own the copyright or have the copyright holder's permission to upload photos to profiles, forums, or on any area on Minus18. If you upload images where the copyright is owned by others without their permission, the images will be deleted.

12. Meet-ups/Hook-ups:

Do not use the Minus18 forums for the purpose of "meeting", "hooking up", dating or chat requests. If you wish to talk to forum members on a more personal level, then please use the Personal Message tools.

13. Messages:

Minus18 reserves the right to read your private messages. Please be aware that this Code of Conduct applies to Private Messages as well as the general forums. We do this only on occasions where we believe a user's safety is being compromised.

14. Have Fun:

Engage with other members and treat your fellow Minus18 members with respect.

Moderator Conduct and Rights

1. Moderator Conduct:

• Moderators are also expected to uphold the Code of Conduct.
• There are certain exceptions, but a major responsibility that comes with being a moderator is the exercise of restraint when dealing with members. It may not always be easy, but we ask that moderators remember that their actions reflect on all other moderators, as well as the operators of the site.
• All moderators hold themselves to a higher standard than they would expect from a regular member.

2. Personal Messaging System:

The Minus18 Site Administrators have the ability to view any message sent in the personal messaging system. However, they will only do this in emergency situations or when there is a suspected violation of the Code of Conduct.

3. Locked Threads:

• Moderators have the ability to lock forum threads.
• Do not create posts regarding previously moderated threads or users (whether deleted, locked, banned or otherwise).
• If you would like to enquire about or rebuke a moderated thread or forum suspension or ban, then please contact a moderator via PM.

Description of Service

1. Code of Conduct Violation: If you violate the Code of Conduct, your account may be limited, suspended or permanently deactivated. While we will endeavour to inform you of the reasons for our actions, Minus18 has no obligation to warn you before taking any action on your account.

2. Inappropriate Content:
Minus18 reserves the right to remove any user-created or uploaded content at any time, without notice. Minus18 is not obligated to monitor every post, but we reserve the right to remove any post or user we feel has violated the letter or the spirit of our Code of Conduct or Terms of Use.

3. Revocation of Privileges: User privileges are granted by the Moderators and Administrators of Minus18. The moderators may at their discretion limit, restrict, or revoke privileges of any user who violates our Code of Conduct.
• Some offences may warrant a warning, while others will result in immediate account suspension.
• We reserve sole judgement in all such matters. In almost all cases, severe racial remarks or hate speech, profane usernames, posting viruses or URLs to viruses will result in immediate and permanent removal from Minus18.
4. Minus18 takes care to support its members, but is ultimately not responsible for the actions of individual users.

Circumventing a Ban: Circumventing a ban by creating another account will result in your IP being blocked and no possibility for your account to be reinstated. You may contact info@minus18.org.au if you need to contact us regarding a ban.