This is Australia's Largest Youth Led Organisation for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Youth. This is where we belong.

What We Do

Youth Support

Minus18 provide support and peer mentoring to LGBTI young leaders. Our youth workers and peer mentors are ready to go at events if you need someone to talk to.

Social Events

Social events run once or twice a month - movie nights, scavenger hunts, pool days - that sort of thing. Generally, social events can have 20 to 50 people attend. Awesome chance to hang out with other people you've met online here.
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Dance Events

Minus18 put on incredible dance and music events every school holidays. Each event has about 400 youth attend. Imagine that - 500 LGBTI youth in the same room? They're actually an amazing chance to meet other people, let your hair down, and just have fun.
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Online Support

We've got heaps of articles on sexuality, gender, health and personal stories, all written by Australian youth.
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We have some amazing campaigns and resources developed by LGBTI young people for use in classrooms or to casually read yourself.
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Youth Mentoring

Minus18 is run by more than 40 youth volunteers who work with other members of the community to run our projects. We've fostered Young Australian of the Year finalists, DJs, Event Planners, Health Promotion Teams, youth workers - the list goes on.
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The Queer Formal

The Queer formal runs in Melbourne and Adelaide each year as a chance to wear what you want, and come with whoever you like.


With over 300,000 youtube views, MinusTV is our platform for giving you a voice. It's all about the event highlights, interviews and resources.
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